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At least that way, you know that we tipped you.

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If we can stick the money on your garter, at least then you pay a little attention in exchange for basically doing nothing more than bike breasts that are somewhat on display. This tragic display seems to be limited to old, white men. You see them with horns, fur, even dead animal faces somehow adorning their bodies.

Perhaps they think it makes them seem more manly, as daytona they just returned from killing the critter with their bare hands while simultaneously sexually gratifying a goat. Enough, already. This does not make you look cool, manly, or anything positive. It makes you that week with the fur and horns. It makes us feel sorry for your wife and grandkids. This is a variation of the san poran phenomenon. Give up the fucking dead animals. Boobs like cute young girls as much as anyone else.


However, I only like them if I can touch them. The last thing I want to see mixing around a bunch of fat old bikers is a collection of hot young women who want to play biker-chic for a day. I have a better shot with their horny mother than with college girls.

Stay on the beach, kids. Keep your place. Just bring your Mom, instead. What the fuck is up with people who walk around with their own personal snake? Is it supposed to make you look bad?

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Is it supposed to be erotic? Pink bikes. Pink boots. Pink helmets. Pink leathers. We get it. You have a vagina. Yay, girl-power! Trust me, you already stand out in a crowd just for not having a Y-chromosome.

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Enough with the fake tits. If you want to wear a short t-shirt where the boobs hang out underneath, this is also an acceptable solution. Set those puppies free!

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Who are these people talking to all the time? Now thats what im talkin about…. Daytona when it was Daytona!!! My how times have changed…I havent seen that many people in front of the boardwalk sand in years…. Fantastic post………………. Bikiniclad lady riding the Kawi equipped with a cafe fairing and aftermarket pipe was way, way, way ahead of her time…. Like this: Like Loading Sweet… those guys surely knew how to roll back then….

Great photo finds and the shorts. Now…those two girls in the blue swimsuits are amazing!

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Noted, concur. It happens all the time. The planet is pretty much screwed. Gotta love irony. Thanks, I needed the chuckle. Best, JP. Post to Cancel. Post was not sent - check your email addresses!