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Love to have sat through this two hour movie for this. Peyton feels played. Then Elena passes out. Cut to a scene in the park months later.

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Does Nicole Conn know you can go somewhere besides sex park? Why does Tyler have undone oversee every interaction Elena and Peyton have together? Wait, is this a cult? You need to login in order to like this post: Oh gawd. Snorted throughout the recap though!! Thank you so much for your sacrifice! I forgot how fucking weird this movie is. Why are so many lesbians movies undone bonkers. You could have scene a 5-minute romantic montage of the couple fucking in the car xxx at each other longingly and continuously almost kissing.

Toe movements: If anything, I believe toe stretching is the more natural reaction. Further primary research in the co-dependent echo chamber of my marriage also suggests this is not a thing. If not, is it possible that these actresses are subconsciously breaking the fourth wall to suggest their disdain for how toe-curlingly awful these films are? Was this article supposed to have footnotes?

Also, I think this film still holds the record for longest elena screen kiss! Which scene explain why it feels like the moe. I was … confused. I must have been on vacation when that was put up. I too saw this movie due to the high rating. After I saw the movie, I was like is the high rating just based on the sex scene or are people reviewing this after playing a drinking game?

My suggestion for one of the next movies to review is the weird My Summer of Love featuring Emily Blunt, which last I checked was on Netflix. This seemed like the best bet sex the 20 or so movies Netflix had at the time. It was so not. Yeah I think I saw it about 4 years ago too. Shoot that posted before I could finish. The previous lesbian movie I saw was The Gymnast after elena L Word finished and actually thought it was a good movie so took the chance.

Here is what I need from you.

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I need a similar review of the most lesbionic episodes of Xena Warrior Princess. No pressure. This is my favorite series on Autostraddle tbh. I elena really love reading these. Well come on Erin go for broke if you can unlock that portal to the turquoise jewelry store we can watch Imagine Me and You six times in a row and it will magically send Heck in to rescue you.

You guys got Carol and we got this kind of crap. Now these kids have some pretty good stuff. Man, Sex was sublime. Honestly, I kept nude girls from weeds it because I undone sure it scene be the same old, awful, formula.

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But it was excellent. That just made me think randomly…. Ragnarok trailer? I saw the trailer. The only reason why I recognized her was because of the cheekbones. I wish this was a podcast, mostly because of my weird obsession with podcasts. Kinda like The Worst Idea of All Time, but you and hopefully a friend for emotional support watch lesbian classics only once instead of once a week for a year. These reviews are a phenomenal public service thank you so much Erin for your good-humoured sacrifice.

A podcast! What a great idea. I can hardly contain myself as it is during my break at work. Where is Nicole Conn now?

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You should interview her and ask her how all of these shenanigans came to be. I guess the mustache just kind of autofills in my brain when I look at the husbands in these movies. What timing! Thank you for putting your mental health on the line for this. Also… Soulemetry who comes up with this stuff?! Although the accompanying puns were hilarious. Please note that Wolfe only ships to the U.

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