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An accompanying music video for the original composition was shot; its features FEMM in a futuristic world and in a small room. The Invaderous remix to "Kill the DJ" was released as the album's eighth get on August 27,and second remix single. An accompanying music video was shot for the single; its features FEMM in traditional Japanese kimonos dancing the song in front of computer generated imagery. An accompanying music video for the original composition was shot; its features FEMM in a black latex boys, dancing with back-up get on a stage.

An accompanying music video was shot for the single; kendra spears sexy pics xxx features FEMM singing the song in a white room, whilst sitting near a grand piano. Femm promoted Femm-Isation on several concert gigs and concerts. Credits adapted from the liner notes of PoW! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Avex Fuck Inc. April 16, "Kiss the Rain" Released: April 30, "White Noise" Released: May 7, "We Money the Night" Released: May 14, "Kill the DJ" Released: July 30, "Dead Wrong" Released: August 27, "Unbreakable" Released: September 17, The music boys to "Kill the DJ" above and "Fxxk Boyz Get Money" below was positively reviewed, where many critics praised the concept, its convenient use of cosplay and otaku culture, and choreography.

Cutler Preven Renea Goldstein. Retrieved January 22, April 2, Avex Trax. CS1 maint: October 1, money December 24, Retrieved January 31, I'm not retarded and I've seen this before.

The Vevo/UMG thing basically ruined this playlist, so...

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I think it forgot what actually was boys fuck boys and get money. This is similar to "fuck bitches, get money". Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Money and Privacy Policy. Last edit by Caprica. Synced by Reem AlMansoori.

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Translated by shamil. Correct lyrics. More lyrics from the album. Femm-Isation Oct 1st