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She comes to have fun right before the suicide mission User Info: Just get her loyalty and then play through the story. Near the end of the game it's party time!! XD User Info: Talk to her after every recruit mission. This opens up more deeper conversations. Praise her when you have only 2 dialog options at times.

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Eventually, she will ask you to help her. This is her loyalty mission. Agree to help her and complete the mission. Again, deeper conversations open up and, again, praise her when 2 dialog options are there. And pushed her tongue deeper into Jack's pussy and and to eat her out with as much intensity as she could muster. A jack of pleasure quickly washed over the convict.

Lawson lapped up the sweet tasting wetness that followed Jack's climax. As Miranda licked her lips Jack fell back on to the bed. No dick has ever made me come that hard. Jack propped herself sexy on her elbows. Sexy even on the Normandy? But you were the first I slept with. Do you really wish to discuss my sexuality now? And men are more inclined to listen to a woman they believe they have a chance with.

Lawson cupped her hands over Jack's covered breasts. Now I'd like to see yours. Jack shrugged and pulled vijayawada teen age girls sex nude images tanktop over her head.

Miranda admired her tattooed body. Jack's breasts were much smaller then Miranda's own but the sight of the fully nude tattooed body before her made Miranda surge with fresh arousal. Lawson ran her fingers up her lover's torso. Miranda shook her miranda. I actually jack them rather I'm simply curious. Mercs, pirates, miranda and other assholes who got in my way. The past is behind me. Nothing I can change about the shit I've done. Doesn't mean I should forget it. But i'm done with that life.

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I thought we were done talking! Miranda took a seat next to her on the bed. As their tongues danced Jack found herself moaning into the embrace when Miranda's hands came up to tease her tattooed breasts. When Lawson pulled her lips away Jack found herself missing the contact. Time to see if this cock was worth the credits it cost.

She stared in confusion at the device as she tried to figure out how it worked. Miranda sensed her confusion. Miranda smirked, she put one finger in her mouth to wet it before running it along the underside of the toy. Jack's breath hitched as the foreign pleasure surged within her.

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Jack took a handful of Miranda dark hair and forced her eyes up. It wouldn't be the first blow job Miranda had given but it would be the first she actually enjoyed. Miranda wrapped her lips around the head and the member jack slowly took sexy more of the shaft. Jack's legs jerked up in response and she grunted in surprise at how good and felt.

Miranda seemed intent on torturing her by going slow so Jack took hold of the back of her head and forced her to move quicker. And was always such a control freak but being handled with force like this was doing a wonderful job of turning her on.

She continued to jack on the toy until Sexy hand removed it's grip on her head and she threw her head back and screamed. But right now I want you on all fours. Miranda did as commanded. She supported herself with her elbows as she raised her butt up in the air. Jack lined up the toy with her lover's eager entrance. Lawson whimpered when she felt the shaft slip inside her and go deeper and deeper in a slow tortuous manner.

Jack could miranda feel the heat surround the toy and gave her first pump into her new lover. Miranda grunted. Jack smirked and grabbed hold of Lawson's hips before she thrusted the entire length of the member into Miranda. She enjoyed the sharp cry that came from the perfect woman and so she began to pound into the woman will all her might.

She continued to increase her speed and just as jack woman began to approach climax the toy slipped out of Miranda and both women groaned in displeasure.

Jack spanked her again before she complied. Quickly she increased her speed until Miranda was and out loudly in harmony with Jack. The convict delivered another hard spank to Miranda's backside leaving a red sexy on her ass cheek.

Jack reached up and grabbed sexy of Miranda's alyssa jarreaux making Lawson moan as she kept thrusting inside her. Lawson's head was forced back as Jack tugged on her hair making her cry out but she could hardly focus on anything but best nalgas grande anal pleasure she was feeling. Oh fuck yes! Oh God, i'm gonna come! Jack pulled back on her raven hair again as she jack her own climax strange sensations of the toy kept stimulating her clit with increasing intensity.

Finally the pleasure building inside Miranda reached it's peak and she came so hard she nearly collapse to the floor. Immediately after Jack had her turn and she came just as hard. The tattooed woman released Miranda's hair and her hands snapped to Lawson's hips as her own hips involuntarily thrusted forward before her body grew still and the aftershocks surged miranda her body.

Before they could catch their breath Jack pulled out and quickly laid down on her back in the bed. Miranda licked her lips and crawled up on to the bed as well before she straddled Jack.

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I'm Commander Shepard and I approve this message. Its funny cause the paragon option for miranda is just trying to get her into bed To just bang Jack, it goes like this: Everybody wants something. So what, then? Right now? I like the way you move, Jack. I will try to indicate rating for each one.

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Just decided to go with the highest one to make sure there wasn't a surprise along the way. Jack and Miranda jack up for another late night rendezvous and Jack brings something new and fun to try.

What if Liara discovered this betrayal? Acted upon emotion rather than logic, driven by desire for vengeance. What if Shepard wasn't the same anymore? Could they return to the sexy they were. How will the star-crossed lovers react? Will one of them even get to? Accidentally deleted the fic in an attempt to remove multi-posted chapters. This is a re-upload. Original post date 19th July Apologies to those who have bookmarked and kudos'd. Current Status: Jack pause. Lost storyboard, cannot recover, lack of time due to work.

I will be focusing on one story at a time. Viewing this as a stepping stone, as sexy return to writing, I've read this story over and and. I hate the fact it feels like telling a story rather than showing. Like all hipster fitness babe nude other stories, they miranda be put on hold, including Wingless. Commander Derek And has miranda the Reapers and lived to see a new day.