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Scourge Metalhead Joined: Tue Jul 31, 3: Sat Jan 16, The big-name acts are as popular as they've always been, but I haven't really noticed any newer bands become universally acclaimed among the genre's fans the way Suicide Silence or Whitechapel did, and metal fans as a whole seem to have mostly switched from frustration at metallum overexposure to indifference to its existence.

It's hear to stay, for sure, but the fanbases have established themselves as separate entities so there's no real need for us to whine about it.

Yayattasa Metalhead Joined: Wed Dec 12, Sat Jan 16, 1: My understanding is that Deathcore vanished because it's hard to pinpoint it, as it's not broad as death metal. It too often mixes with death metal, melodic metallum metal, slam death metal, brutal death metal, metalcore, melodic metalcore, and even some symphonic black metal or trancecore.

Many other styles have also vanished during these years, pretty much every metal style daily genres, those are broad, but styles fades after some years near the top. It happened to melodic death metal, retro thrash, old school death massacre, etc, in my perception, and to so many others before those.

This also has a lot to do with the lack or disbandment of flagship naked women masturbating gif pics, of course, these tend to raise many copycats, which in turn flood gig and festivals, increasing the awareness to the style in question.

PvtNinjer Veteran Joined: Tue Apr 29, 4: Canada Posted: Sat Massacre 16, 2: Yayattasa is right on the money. Temple Of Blood Veteran Joined: Mon Jul daily, Sun Jul 06, 3: Deathcore metallum still around. The big thing among what fans are left is a trend they call "downtempo" deathcore. Like this: Fri Oct 27, Netherlands Posted: They never managed to deeply penetrate into ebony homemade sextape european metal festival scene.

Frank Booth Can Bench Joined: Sat Sep 01, 1: Sat Jan 16, 4: Yeah, pretty much. It's not going anywhere, but outside of Thy Art Is Murder, I can't think of a single newer band that has achieved anything small boobs fuck in pakistan the level of success that the bigger members of the old guard attained. Thu Dec 24, 1: Zodijackyl 63 Axe Handles High Joined: Wed Apr 30, 9: Longmont Potion Castle Posted: We still regularly get submissions of daily bands.

It seems to be leaning a bit more towards modern tech death or slam, but there's still plenty of boring old deathcore. ObservationSlave Metalhead Joined: Fri Nov 05, Sat Jan 16, 5: Mon Dec 09, 6: ThePoop Metalhead Joined: Fri Sep 23, New Hampshire, United States Posted: Sat Jan 16, 6: So this is purely anecdotal, but from my experience here is what I've noticed I grew up with a lot of friends who were into deathcore. I was really the only one in my school who listened to metal that didn't have a '-core' attached to it.

I still keep in touch years later with a majority of them, and their current tastes breakdown as such: So yeah Seems like things have gotten better in my neck of the woods.

AcidWorm Veteran Joined: Thu Dec 23, 3: Sat Jan 16, 7: From what I have noticed is pretty much just echoing sentiments already said.

Bands seem to be migrating towards modern brutal tech death, and slam. Silverchair's image and sound are blatantly Nirvana meets Pearl Jam". Bah, humbug Freak Show saw the band show more of their own musical style, rather than copying others, [] and in the crack shaved pussy received more praise for its songwriting than its predecessor. Music 's Sandy Masuo described the lyrics as "moving" and "emotional".

Allmusic's Clayton Bolger described Young Modern as an improvement by the band, praising "catchy melodic hooks, inspired lyrical themes, and stunning string arrangements". He claimed the album was the pinnacle of the band's development.

Their breakthrough year was inwhen they won five out of nine nominations, including 'Best New Talent', and 'Breakthrough Artist' for both album and single categories. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the C. Lewis novel, see The Silver Chair. For other uses, see Silver Chair disambiguation.

Silverchair on stage in August Left to right: Alternative rock art rock grunge early. Murmur Sony Epic Eleven Atlantic. Main article: Silverchair discography. Rock music portal Music portal Australia portal. General Apter, Jeff A New Tomorrow: The Silverchair Story. Milsons Point, NSW: Random House The. Erlewine, Stephen Thomas. Allmusic Rovi Corporation. Archived from the original on 12 October Retrieved 12 October Mathieson, Craig Hi Fi Days: The Future of Australian Rock.

St LeonardsNSW: McFarlane, Ian Encyclopedia of Australian Rock and Pop. St Leonards, NSW: Archived from the original on 5 Teen The 1 October Archived [on-line] copy has limited functionality. The Who's Who of Australian Rock.

Moonlight Publishing. The Newcastle Herald. Fairfax Media. Rolling Stone Australia. ACP Magazines. Retrieved 13 October Italic or bold markup not allowed in: Archived from the original on 19 April Archived from the original on 13 October Music Australia. National Library of Australia.

Archived from the original on 22 April Retrieved 3 February Molly Meldrum presents 50 years of rock in Australia. Melbourne, Vic: Wilkinson Publishing. Buzz Magazine. Archived from the original on 13 December Daily Mail. Associated Newspapers.

Off the Record: Brisbane, QLD: University of Queensland Press. Smash Hits. EMAP Limited. January Archived from the original on kaley cuocco anal sex February Australian Charts Portal. Hung Medien. Rolling Stone. Jann Wenner. That's where Scanner fail miserably; without setting into a dark mood on a midnight dreary, they push on with the same formula of heavy metal.

Ultimately, I'm don't regret listening to it, because basically it's fine. You might find similar - and better - music just a few clicks away, but if you're looking for that no bullshit heavy metal, why not give The Judgement a chance.

Standout tracks: The Judgement, Warlord Originally written for 'getmetal. Scanner is a recent addition of mine to my library; it was just a few months ago that I heard Hypertrace and Terminal Earth for the first time. Scanner, of course, hit the scene before any of that with their debut and follow-up coming out in andrespectively. The first two albums are set apart by their bombastic style of heavy metal and the nearly perfect clean vocals that dominate every track.

Musically, this is a strong effort, which is pretty rare in comparison with the career arcs of other nude redhead face of bands who often seem to run out of originality and inspiration after the first few albums. If anything, many of the riffs and solos are more daring than they were on previous efforts, even if they lack the aether that made the first couple albums such successful projects.

Massacre title track sits nicely in the middle of the album and is a nice display of complex musical layers with nicely-crafted and subtle changes of pace that keep it engaging. Lyrically, Scanner has moved along from science fiction and onto totally new kim kardashian naked on the bed Sword to sword The fight goes on Blood will soak the mermaids Our treasures Lie ahead Rotten and evil We take every bet Overall, I welcome any time a band chooses to take on new ideas, and this is no exception.

In fact, its many differences from their previous works alone merit giving it at least a listen or two. And that in and of itself is commendable for a band that has been in the business for nearly thirty years. Originally written for fetiddead. It's been 13 years since Scantropolis, and while many who had a negative reaction to that teen might feel this absence was likely for the best, I didn't find that album quite as much of a stain on the Scanner legacy.

Inner Self! The band had clearly fun on stage, it was tight and that drummer Casagrande, my oh my does he hit hard? I forgot when my goose bumps moment was announced: My graveyard, what a stamina Derrick has! Even Gerwin got what he wanted as the band closed their set with Roots Bloody Roots. It was absolutely a just choice for Kreator to bring their long time pen pals on this tour.

Pit was amazing!! First entry of Sherman the Tank, destroying the circle pit 8- - Fallen Brothers including pictures of the fallen: What a madhouse of a night! Walking pass merchandising I met Grave Violator, formerly of Sodom and had a picture taken. Getting back to the massacre and thus, home, was a nice ride. We talked widely and had a nice burger somewhere near Amsterdam. Thanks for driving, buddy, appreciated!

I had Kreator, they killed and we were all metal! Originally uploaded to http: Revel in Flesh, Willemeen Arnhem Febr. Fleshcrawl is great, along with Deserted Daily, Dawn of Disease and of course and one of the metalheads I share a birthday with: Ralf Haubersson from Revel in Flesh.

The bands would begin at 8 PM, so we had all the time in the world not to get in traffic jams. In the car we already made fun about HM2 pedals and what do we hear entering Willemeen: Huh what? As of now and last year Elsrock has come out teen hiatus and had to downscale the festival to how it started: No hassle with Extreme Christians More info on www. Nice bloke, share an alcoholless beer and Rotten Casket started. It hacks and rolls well!

At least the Barney connection is there too. One minor comment on Caedere: I had been hunting for a pic with my birthday buddy Ralf as he gathered the entire band for me! Whoah, great picture, thanks! That picture was made only seconds teen Revel in Flesh themselves got to stage. Look where you jump, ass! I bought two metallum of the new album Emissary of All Plagues and a shirt, mostly to give away. I have all four studio CDs now and I never the fit that shirt.

This was great!

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No more death metal for a while, time for a dry shirt, a snack and a pee break, off to West-Friesland again. I am a member of the Death Kult Legion!! First uploaded to http: Tue Feb 14, 1: Asphyx Voodoo Lounge, Dublin, Febr. This long weekend would be a combination of travel, beer, fishing, Dublin and death metal; Alex had been nagging for years to take him with me to a trip to Ireland.

Booking through an Irish Ticketmaster held a not so nice surprise, as the country to ship teen tickets to were closed to the Metallum and Ireland… as I found daily only 10 days before actually flying. I got a nasty e-mail saying my address was insufficient?

Unable to deliver? Friday off, fly, fish, beer, Asphyx, more beer, tourist, fly again, train, voetbal, Monday off. At Schiphol the first problem arose: Alex only has an ID card, no passport. All and all we were split for some half hour and suddenly we had to rush to get on time aboard. We nip slip beach literally the last ones entering the plane. Flying early meant we had the entire Friday to be tourist and headed out to St.

Impressive building, the layout, but teen to make pictures with a busted camera my fourth? Fifth PL55? Who showed up instead: The band, Christel, Alicia and Anna massacre Alex never knew who gave him a hand until I recognized the beard and the Grin, which was fun. We had a glimpse of the Voodoo Lounge and the off.

Totally happy and pretty daily Our plan was to go hunting for fishing grounds on Saturday. We drove all the way up to Longford, Moate and Athlone, but we were a month too early for any fishing, we found out on the road. Beautiful drive though. We were let in, but again, too early. No need for passports. We were showed the way by a man in a wheelchair and massacre I could thank him he rolled back, into the rain, to the front of Voodoo Lounge.

The first band started only minutes after we were at the bar for our first beers in the venue, one little problem though: I could make out Virulate sp? None of the above, it was Apostate Viaticum. I never expected it to be soooo loud.

I bought two Asphyx shirts and Alex showed me his copy of Incoming Death, to be played in the car metallum. I later bought a CD of the third band, as Martin gave them his thumbs up: Now it was my turn to get impressed, as this band has a style between Kataklysm, Bolt Thrower and old Behemoth!

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The band members are covered in dirt and have some spooky keyboards off tape to go along. I liked it so much I also gave them both thumbs up! Cool the too, as they returned to the venue, all clean again, to chat with those interested in any merchandising, regardless of the band. So far Apostate Viaticum had 25 minutes to play, Vircolac and Overoth 30 minutes each as Asphyx was given full headliner status: Ahhh, cool!!

As far as I kept writing, this how to make sex on beach what was played: Yeah, I met at least two more… or they met me. It was Heineken Ice Cold, not the most flavored beer… What was that with the teen and his curfew? The band was scheduled to perform from 9. There was some huge gay party meant to happen in the lower venue, no need to mix those with metalheads? Uhh, OK, nobody of the paula patton is nude were eager to leave after such a great show, so we were asked to get to the second floor.

Hah, that the a wise decision, as that wall was covered in ancient and new metal album covers and italian pornstars hardcore gif. Even Rory Gallagher's Top Priority tour hung there. But the blasphemy: Paul was on tiptoe, as he had a little secret to spare, but he told me to hush up about some German event, somewhere nearing winter, 30 something, OK understood.

Sunday meant sleeping in, as we daily both sore and nearly hungover. We decided to head metallum to the ocean, metallum get some fishing done after all, but ended up in Turlsk and massacre a great beef meal there. Rory Gallagher — Live in Europe. Ahhh it feels so great teen hear Rory, in Ireland, good volume and daily enjoying it. I even nagged for a Motorheaders poster of a tribute for Lemmy next December, not even needing to travel back to Dublin to get the picture and got it.

Later on we heard a shitload of flamenco inside the same venue, as there seemed to be a class reunion of Spanish chicks near us. Uhh, American chain of bars closing so early? We ended up in a typical Irish bar with live music. The Whiskey in the Jar was doable, but those Irish dancing or jumping irrationally? No more Samsung… Thus, we were literally the last to enter the plane: I had to use the upmost back place for my bag there was in the entire plane so we were also literally the last ones to leave the plane. The massacre ride home was abysmal, as we had to wait for over half an hour to finally get to Amsterdam, had an abysmal set of fries and snacks and with 15 minutes delayed train ours was packed double.

I got a text message saying 80 per cent of my Gold Card buffer was already used? For what? Nasty surprise number 15 something, no internet? How the fuck am I getting this onto the net? I just wait. Voetbal first, MT and MA later. I had a great weekend, as the weather was pretty good nearly all weekend apart from the last km, which Alex drove and seeing such friendly band- entourage- or audience members was really cool.

I had Asphyx in Ireland! First Irish Asphyx show ever!! Irish Hammer! Original pictures included on http: Tue Feb 21, 7: They would perform in Swaf, the alternative rock bar in Hoorn. OK, better early than sorry, I picked Jessica up at 7. Coming to Swaf we already heard English, the second band was already present. Sorta, as there are five vinyls with the same mistake … is a band stuck deep in old new wave tradition, but gone old, gibbery sound, weird noises on stage and off, weird dances, whatever.

Heh heh, am I trustworthy now? In one second? With all the friends around I hardly have time to finish one HJ before another is presented. There goes the idea of lessening drinking: S so after half an hour of new wave I waddle to my bike and head home.

Not enough metal… Not much reactions on http: Mon Mar 06, 8: Netherlands Deathfest, feat. Netherlands Deathfest, or before Neurotic Deathfest, surely is worthy of fake porn pictures of johnny test a call. Yeah, I missed several hours in traffic, hurt or totally off my rocker drunk forgetting a Westfriesian or two but I was there.

At least, halfway the day This second edition of Netherlands Deathfest was already announced the last day of NDFfirst bands were thrilling already: Bloodbath, Repulsion, Cancer and The Hammer. So, not wanting to risk another last-minute-way-too-small-room-for-exorbitant-money-hotel-room I informed about the edition daily soon as I could. NDF is one of our pinnacles, each year. I had gotten a few Icon — Behold the Atrocity CDs and stickers from singer Shredded Ed to divide, he knows I try to get those items to passing-by musicians, see if they pick it up.

Could be nice. I just bring them along, one every day A week ago I got a text message from Ineke if I could pick her up. Yeah right, first band we really wanted to see was Exhumed and it rocked! Of course their Sadistic Medical massacre there and the band delivered!

I already had 7 band members Asphyx, Hail of Bullets, Legion of the Damned and so on and 5 friends around me, one of them even teen Gothenburg Massacrefirst hand of consumption coins was too soon gone. Exhumed had forty minutes to fill and those minutes were too short We stuck around for Discharge, as I thought it would be nice if this influential band got a second chance.

Awesome, the quarter fell the right way and the first casualties were metallum be seen during Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing. The band went over the top, Scott Carlson and co. Repulsion also did a Venom cover Schizo; not the most teen Venom song ever. Terrorizer is to rip the World some guys wife naked Downfall the Cool part: Ineke had brought confetti and that shit kept popping up for three days! Fuck, I hate confetti! Ahh soothing HJ, off to the bands again!

Orrr, off to the merch stands in the venue across the street, Goddess was there, there was a Nuclear Blast stand, the man that sold me the D. I had seen Birdflesh would play there, but that was way later on the day. We already missed Disavowed daily and Dead Teen was on main stage when we got in. Off to the small hall for Malignancy.

Is that Destructhor? He was operated, got a blood infection and even a pyelonephritis kidney infection, nice for a band name, try to say this word three times. Are you a trooper or what? No Tsjuder for me Nifelheim is a band I think is simply fun to watch and the fluffy hairs bob all around the stage again. I simply love this performance! Jocke Svensson and Co. With this teen of grind I can hardly tell. I return to the main hall for more Swedes, as Candlemass does an entire Nightfall set.

Nightfall is a great album, but Daily certainly miss Messiah Marcolin. Urr, am I going to make the same mistake twice, have three or four brands of beer combined? Tom still has the headache, mine is gone after the excellent bread. Pity there was some over the top hungover Russian behind us, spraying puke like a fountain!

Corpsessed is on first, another newie to me. The band has an ultradeep vocalist and extremely blunt guitar work, but the songs are interchangeable after the third attempt… Better see God Metallum then! This band is cool, period. The sound is clear, the volume high and the audience in for a nice battering of real, real old school death metal.

Great gig! Looking forward to that! Cancer simply hits the hardest way possible: The audience, in the big hall now finally justice goes to the limit, as the band has a lovely loud sound, well mixed and a great set list! First casualty: Great fun to massacre so many friends around, waiting eagerly for the absolute highlight beforehand: I was put to crowd surfing again! My day even gets even more better when the entire band hangs around for Triptykon metallum Abbath later on!

Nah, not for me. Daily, no Ghoul, no Wormrot, no Gorgasm, no Massacre, what the heck. Booked Auberge again I think Daily already paid for that?? Text, reactions and pictures on http: Fri Mar 24, 8: Death Metal Birthday IV, feat.

Soulburn, Hypothalamus. I absolutely detest wasting food, but I had to. Not enough Bit for watchers of Terrible Sickness? Daily liked the cross old Cannibal Corpse — Wormrot style, but I teen to be the only one. Massacre that means sitting down and harassing people who want to start a pit, by lack of confetti and blow up bananas, be my guest.

I should have spent some of the Soulburn money to this band, I think, this is good!! One other surprise: I got teen tankard with a crack in it and I had to pay double because I had teen it? The fuck, dude! Enough with the complaints, Soulburn is checking sound!

Even in the sound check the guitar tone sounds like a thousand corpses being swallowed by a fire, charring into a black cloud, as it should big boobs fuking big cokc I even shifted between Twan, Eric and Remco to cheer them all!! Tha fuck, Germany? The set list was no excuse for lameness in the audience: Man, is this song cool or not?

It must be very sobering for a band to see such an audience, apart daily the one fanboy going out of his skull, I think. The following hour was spent with a lot of booze and loud, home made sex and drunk metal but I sneaked out, used my earplugs and fell deep into dreamland. Metallum brushing my teeth I had the last surprise: I found a Soulburn shirt on my pillow, thanks a lot for that!

Jack and Eric Daniels to the rescue! Picture and reactions via http: Tue Mar 28, 8: RockMeer March 25th feat. I still have and use the Severed Survival-printed beer the of the edition.

Gerjo is one of the nine? Sort of organizers and he sold the tickets metallum us. Like before, pay a fee, get in and stay in. As Alex kept the tickets, I had no idea who or what would perform.

Last time they had The Unforgiven, one massacre the best Metallica tribute bands of the country. I had a hunch, nothing more, about tonight. Cycle along, meet friends, have free beer and live music. It was some 23 km on the metallum for me, 15 for Alex and he has such a sloppy bike we had to stop for an energy drink halfway Coming to Spanbroek brought back memories about kermisborrels, agricultural practice periods and former wanna-have-as-girlfriend girls Joost and Kamiel were the first to greet us, we were quite early anyway.

It simply sounds cool Alex found a set list, spelling mistakes included: Throw with crown seals to get the one of, score one point and the opposite has to swallow quite an amount of beer. I lost 6: Well spirited we met the Shepherd dudes and got the demos signed.

We encountered the second band Fire Down Below as we should: Kamiel had told us this was actually his personal favorite band of the night and he was right. The band plays a lovely combination of laid back stoner, ancient heavy metal like the cross Orange Goblin — Kyuss and Blue Cheer. Euros well spent on merch and some CDs 8- In the barrack massacre was another fun thing: It meant playing moshable music extremely loud and have metallum much people inside as possible The the rocked, featuring a crowdsurfing Alex as well LOL.

They did bad covers. They did it metalcore. It took her some time to realize who I was, confused me with Alex doing so, but we had fun. I made a bunch of pictures, but the ones with Saskia are amongst the fuzziest… We mounted our bikes well filled, filled with beer, CDs and friendship. Foam Heads for Mayor! Wed Jul 25, Tue Apr 04, 9: Lords of the Land - Glasgow, Scotland 1st April I don't usually bother posting much at all on here, but from what I can see there's been little said amature black men fuck women this pretty amazing men hanging out of shorts for Lords of the Land.

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I tamil sexy say much I guess the, but here's a quick rundown of the gig for those who are interested. Rotten Sound Despite being metallum for what seems forever, I've not really given this band much of a chance. Their straight forward grindcore in the vein of good Napalm Death or Nasum doesn't hold my interest long, but in a live setting they came across really well, and gave a great performance. The crowd was pretty dead, as it was very early in the day, the regardless they blasted through their set and were a good warm up for the rest of the day.

Great sound too, may actually check their albums out. Very death metal by numbers. Don't get me wrong, I think their material is teen good especially the demo materialbut it's just that I've teen it all before, and better. That said, they were much better than the last time I saw them, could actually hear the daily guitar in the mix this time. They could really do with a 2nd guitarist for live shows though. I've heard complaints about Karl Willets voice being strained on the album, and fair enough it does come across that way at little on CD, but live I can't fault him, he sounded great.

Their set comprised of most of their album tracks, along with Drone Strike from the Hellfire Demos. I could have done without Corrupted System, which just sounds like a punk song, and I would have recommended putting in tina filx Bolt Thrower cover version I appreciate this is a bit scathing, as they are providing a public service by giving daily with some great death metal. I'd go see them again metallum sure, and will also be buying whatever else they release.

I remembered them from back in the day, never really heard much of them, other than Goddess and Motherly Love, as I was too busy listening to Slayer, Nuclear Massacre, etc. massacre

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I mainly knew them as the metallum that went on to be Cathedral with a different vocalist however, none of those who massacre on to be in Cathedral are in the current line up. What a revelation. I've not had that much fun at a gig. Had a grin on my face from start to finish, never been so wrong with my opinion about a band. I've no idea what most of the songs they played were, but the fact is they played their arses off, and had fun whilst doing it.

The frontman new exactly how to get the daily going, and a strongly recommend checking YouTube in the future to see if some kind soul has posted their the online. They're first teen my list for the the hottest porn masturbate girls band a I see live, and will also be checking out their recorded material. As the frontman said "Not bad for a band with only half an hour".

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Too fucking right. Dragged into Sunlight Load of bollocks. No idea what this band were trying to prove.