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Picture Credit: Getty Images. Floodlight Pixel Manager. However, I saw people doing so with swimsuits on. In other words the rule is not being enforced. Besides, the water pressure in shower is high enough, so, IMHO, it does not really matter if you shower naked or not.

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Men and women each have separate, fairly large locker rooms and a shower room with several faucets. I saw women change into their suits and pull them down to wash under them, so I did the same.

2. Talk About Personal Boundaries

No one was monitoring. Everything is very clean. The Blue Lagoon has individual shower stalls and a few naked dressing rooms, but it's so big and crowded that we much preferred our visit to the Secret Lagoon. The Secret Lagoon shower separate locker rooms for the different sexes. But there were no private showers in the Women's Locker Room. There were two toilet stalls that you can change in but the beyonce xxx hot pussy videos clips area itself has no curtains or naked walls.

There wasn't an employee monitoring the showers when we were there. Hi I showered with my costume on and the male and female changing rooms were separate - I had to try and find my husband in the lagoon when I came out of the changing room which was a challenge in the dark but it is too cold to hang around.

You will enjoy. Unfortunately for your situation, there are not privacy cubicals. Showering naked is common etiquette in Iceland community spas. It's actually regarded as disrespectful to shower in your people. The showers are communal, separately for men and women. There are no individual cubicles. You don't have to look around or take too long to wash, then put your suit on and head out to the pool.

Being polite to the Iceland customs is not going to stop someone from taking your picture and posting it on the Internet. If you think that is unlikely, you are not following the shower. And I will not send my eight-year-old son into shower naked with a bunch of strange men.

Am I supposed to bring people into the ladies? Apr 11, 5. Apr 11, 6.

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I shower in a suit and tie to make sure I look good. RoflStompUrFaceApr 11, Apr 11, 7. Apr 11, 8. I shower in swimsuit. You want to take it off from me? Apr 11, 9.

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1. Watch For Cues

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