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Consultado el 7 de diciembre de Archivado desde rede original el 24 de septiembre de Consultado el 8 tuve diciembre de Consultado el 5 de diciembre de Sometimes I feel really lonely and I have the natural urge to communicate with someone.

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So, that's why I've decided to start writing and drawing about my thoughts, feelings, memories, wishes, and crazy dreams or ideas. I thought that rede something similar to an illustrated diary sort of, because it has no dates would help me to take out all that has been accumulated through the years. The truth is that for a very long time years I've been thinking of making a similar project but I don't know why I feel that tuve is the right time to make it real. I'm doing this project specially for me but I would be tuve happy if you feel connected in some way or rede enjoy my work.

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I'm not pretending to be a cartoonist or a comic artist, I just want to draw and share what is interesting or what really matters to me. Unfortunately I'm writing only in Spanish but I'm sure I will be uploading texts also in English soon or maybe I will be sharing also a translated version of every drawing.

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Let's see how everything goes. I invite you to follow my illustrated diary on Tumblr: Never before I saw a sky so blue or I breathed an air so clean.

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That travel was a big life lesson. There are few trees in Iceland but they do have some.

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A veces me siento muy sola y tengo el impulso natural de comunicarme con alguien. A part of me really misses the emotion of that dream, the pursue of my goal on becoming a wonderful artist with an impeccable technique, but on rede other hand I feel that it doesn't suit me anymore, I tuve changed inside and I'm not turning back.

My style was developing at the same time as my mind but I was not as aware of this until recently.

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I used to be very complicated and elaborated, obsessed with detail and at the slightest mistake I wanted to get rid of the artwork. I was very hard on me but now I just want to express myself in a quicker, simpler and friendlier way.

The vibrant colors have always been part of my work but I tend to incorporate them in dark themes. I am melancholic since I was born and this will not change because it is my own view of life but now I want to keep this part only for me, tuve it private, I mean I do not have the constant urge or need to express my sadness through works with tearful faces or with an expression tuve suffering and wrapped in a mysterious, confusing or bloody atmosphere.

Please join me in this journey, tuve can follow me on Tumblr or Instagram. Inspired by my collaboration with Art On Fashion I thought it would be fun to experiment and find a new style for my illustrations. I love to feel comfortable, elegant but at the same I always add a touch of rocker style in my outfits. I feel myself when I am wearing all black clothes with a nice pair of boots and a simple make up. I really love color in general but not on me. So, I've been drawing a lot using only black ink.

I discovered I can draw complete bodies with rede cute and simple line style and surprisingly it has been so motivating to try it in order to go deep and learn more about the fashion illustration world.

As a teen I saw the beginning of the digital era, I had internet at home until I was 15 or 16 years old. I will keep experimenting with this new style, What do you think, do you like rede I hope to share all the new illustrations tuve you soon. Sameera reddy fucking naked moda siempre me ha parecido muy emocionante pero a la vez es un camino rede que he tenido miedo de recorrer. Me siento yo misma cuando visto toda de negro, usando un buen par de botas y un maquillaje sencillo.

Por ejemplo, como las diversas maneras de lograr ser independiente profesionalmente, aprovechar los nuevos rede y recursos para comercializar o las nuevas formas de generar fuentes de ingreso. Espero poder compartirles pronto las nuevas ilustraciones. I'm so happy to announce my recent collaboration with the British brand Art on Fashion. My pattern design "Renacer" is part of their new Spring Summer Collection.