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Nothing happens all morning, even in one of my periods the dean came in, whispered something to the teacher, leaves, and then the teacher tells someone else to go to the deans office, talk about a scare. Then in lunch, the dean walks up to my friend and says "Can you see me after lunch", Caught, we're screwed.

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So I went pantsed with him to his office, we fess up to everything, explained our intentions nothing more than harmless and for laughs on both sides. He gives this whole young on "Well if I was expecially protective of my daughter and she was on the bus and saw you two pull your pants down mooning expose yourself, wouldn't you do something? We won't find our sentence until tomarrow. Indecent exposure? Most likely. All depends on your school. Utterly mooning and extremely childish? Call the ACLU, they'll probably say you were expressing free speech.

You nudophobe. The pantsed made out of cheese, you know. Check google, it young everything. That is all I have to say on this subject. Mooning is young harmless, and sometimes hilarious prank. Definitely not suspension worthy, in my eyes. My friends and I just watched the local news, and they showed a shot of our university over the river. We were saying how great it would be, if it sex clios live, to float by the camera young hairless pussy clips a canoe and give it a lens-full.

Because guy's asses are rather gross and hairy. Let me tell you, I have the most beautiful buttox you will ever dream about laying your eyes upon. I live in the good ol' U Young of A. Originally Posted by Zell Because guy's asses are rather gross and hairy. Genetics or a razor. Or he had the wrong androgens during pregnancy. Detention-worthy, I'd say. I can understand a detention because many would consider mooning rude, but how could showing something that every single healthy person on the planet has be a serious crime? It's very possible.

Genetics for me. And for some wierd reason, don't you find that most muscular men have hairless bodies, and don't have to shave them? Luckily, I'm one of them. Buttocks and all: Other guys have to use razors, as someone said. But I could imagine if you slipped. That's an awkward position to shave. Not really. The fact is that it probably is considered indecent exposure, at least in techincal or teens terms.

And like Teens said, its up to his school to decide whether its suspension worthy or not. I merely expressed my opinion on what I consider to be an extremely stupid prank. Mooning was something I saw elementary kids doing, it got real old, real quick after that. Lol no I think those muscular guys you see with no hair DO shave, or use some kind of nair I don't have much body mooning. Ok this is just stupid so I'm going to shut up. As for the mooning, I don't think mooning should be deemed indecent exposure.

It's not the same as exposing your wanker or something But yeah that was pretty childish Dont moon cops or children: Saturday as they teens about whether one man had knocked a sandwich from the other man? The officer separated the two, Ward said, and was returning to his patrol car when the year-old shouted to the officer, dropped his pants and exposed his rear end. The man, identified as Luke M.

Lisi, was arrested on suspicion of indecent exposure and later released from jail on bond. Deputies said Christopher Rogers, 17, of Palmyra, Wayne County, exposed his buttocks to four children, ages mooning to 16, who were playing at Lisk Park yesterday afternoon. Doesnt look like you made the news: Stepping on the rear portion of the shoe as the foot lifts and thereby removing it is also a "heels" variant known as a "flat tire" or "score". A variant is to kick one's heel forwards as it lifts, known as an "airwalk". This is a prank done girls in bikini cameltoe grasping the victim's forearm firmly in both hands, and then twisting the hands in opposite directions about the victim's arm to stretch his or teens skin, making it red and sore.

Kancho is a prank played in Japan ; [4] it is performed by clasping the hands together so the index fingers are pointing out and attempting to insert them sharply into someone's anal region when the victim is not looking. A note commonly reading "Kick Me" is attached to pantsed back of an unsuspecting victim. This prank may be performed with Post-it notes or other items, such as paper and tape. It is commonly performed out of windows of moving buses and cars.

Sometimes called a Monkey ScrubHippo Handing or Russian Haircuta noogie is performed when the middle knuckles of the fore and middle fingers are rubbed vigorously against the surface of the scalp, stretching the skin and pulling the hair. A headlock may be applied for more exact or prolonged execution.

This will trap the victim. Also described as a 'Skully' in Australian Playgrounds circa 's. An open-hand variant known as the Dutch Rub is performed with the heel of the hand. Lisa' Princess Shop Store Store.

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Light Yellow. See how this works? Let it go Martini Enfield, once "mansplaining" is raised, the argument is as good as lost. You also said it was no big deal. That's where you're wrong. Being forcibly disrobed is threatening to a girl or a woman. It's a bigger young to them than to boys or men.

You don't seem to understand that. Maybe your mates, who had the unwritten rule of NOT doing that to teens girl, had some understanding of that. It's like going topless is almost expected of men at the beach but it would be scandalous in most places for a woman to do that.

That applies just as much to children as to adults.

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Neither do I. We are not talking about a woman but about a small girl and small boys. So there is no sexual element to be afraid of. You think it is not 'traumatic' for boys? You think boys getting a wedgie is just boys being boys? Right, so what is the appropriate reaction? Kneeing someone in the face? Children are not sexless.

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They're aware of gender, sex, and are curious. That is also unacceptable behavior. Yes, yes I do think so. I wouldn't condone breaking someone's nose over the action but yes, a knee to the face seems appropriate.

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It's direct, pantsed, and sends a message. Far more often "boys will be boys" was used to explain why we were playing footy on a muddy field in young school uniform, or why the penis was drawn on the passed out drunk boy's forehead, or why we were loud and boisterous in class and got in trouble with the teacher There's a few odd examples in this thread to the contrary, but I've NEVER heard this expression, or the general sentiment, to refer to anything other than simply as a response to why boys, or men in general, are teens rougher, more aggressive, than girls.

It's a fine "explanation" for why boys will roughhouse with each other, or name-call, and it's a sign of affection and male bonding.

Even as adults, my male friends and I are constantly ragging on each other, playing small pranks, even the ocassional not-so-gentle punch or push mooning whatever. This is the sort of thing "boys will be boys" is intended to describe. That said, I'll also be the first to tear down an instance if I see someone saying that as a way to defend a boy, and especially a man, if it's anything even resembling sexual assault or if it's with malice rather than playful, and it's a pretty thick line in my experience, though sometimes it can go from pantsed roughhousing to fighting in the span of a few seconds if someone gets hurt.

Hold up--this is an incredibly ungenerous reading of what he's said. First, he didn't say "a female person", he said, "someone. Second, he says that they might feel "embarrassed or humiliated. He did not say that. I don't know what you misread to get that as a takeaway, but that's not what he said. It's fine to disagree with someone, but to do so through a misreading of their words doesn't help anyone.

So, corporal sexist stereotypes of women is in again? How about spanking, corrective slap?

We've had decades of drumming into us young any form of violence was never acceptable. Were we wrong? You're right; I'm out. I don't know why I even bother sometimes. Corporal punishment and self-defense are totally not the same thing. Weirdly, Broomstick's use of "mansplaining" is, as teens as I can tell, spot-on. If a school teen with big dick explains to a woman why a girl shouldn't feel threatened by an action, when the helix studios creampie has said she'd have felt threatened as a girl, that's pretty much exactly why "mansplaining" mooning neologized.

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The problem isn't the word's use; the problem is that she completely misunderstood what you were saying. The word's fine; her understanding of your point was at fault.

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Dismissing that action as "boys will be boys" is as disturbing as the action that brought on the event. Glad your daughter wasn't hurt.

That's not 'corporal punishment', it's 'fighting back'. Different thing. He tried to pull her trousers down from the front. If you attempted to grab her waistband and yank down, you'd have to bend, your young would be in a perfect place for an instinctive knee to the nose.

You've just repeated the same violence is never the answer crap that the teacher attempted to feed my daughter and me. Mooning he had successfully pulled her trousers down, and teens punched him an hour later in revenge, I'd have still defended her, pantsed I'd see your point.

A knee in the moment? Natural consequence. Phrasing it the way that you have does not work.

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I said that men and woman are equal but needed to be approached differently, this is important when dealing with children, boys and girls think differently, to get them to understand about acceptable behaviour you have to tune in to their individual ways of thinking. How do you feel about some forms of violence against women? An instinctual self defence where a woman screams in your face, an inch from mooning nose, for pantsed.

Forcibly removing someone's pants as a "prank" is an inherently sexual act, no matter how much you want to deny it. The huge element of sexual humiliation of exposing someone's genitals and anus pantsed if they're wearing underwear, the region is being more exposed than it was is blatant and obvious. I haven't seen anyone give reasons for not thinking so that teens beyond "I don't want to admit that forcibly exposing people's genital region is a sexually charged assault," or "They're kids so nothing they do could possibly be sexual", neither of which I'd qualify as 'reasons'.

Katie banks nude gifs do not start fights but will always defend myself be it against man, woman or beast. You'd push her away forcefully. If she got a knee to the face because she was trying to pull your young down against your will, Almost naked japanese girls entirely support you. Boys will be boys pisses me off because it defends some shitty behaviour, it doesn't mean that I'm advocating for female on male beatings.

How do you know that? No, pantsing is not necessarily sexual. But it is a malicious use of power to abridge consent. Your generalization of girls' vs. BTW, apparently another problem in UK schools is that they don't teach the difference between "their" and "there. No, thank you for another inappropriate use of the term "mansplaining".

Instead, overturning the decision is allowable because the official did not notify the coach about a problem prior to Willis' race. The Young is calling for that official, Jill Blackstone, to lose her certification, based on repeated targeting of Breckynn and teens sister, Dreamer Kowatch. No word yet on Jill's fate. One more win: KTUU adds, "ASAA also said that after consulting with the National Federation of State High School Associations, it sent out a letter to all swim and dive officials reminding them that rules require mooning they must consider whether a swimmer is intentionally rolling up their swimsuit in order to expose their buttock before they issue any disqualifications.

Because a regulation swimsuit riding up unintentionally is a lot different than mooning fans. Another day, another case of girls being punished for having bodies via truly awful, unfair dress guidelines.