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Female celebrities who appeared to star in naked, sexy photos, but it actually wasn't them: I'm a young, fun and busty girl looking to show you a great time. She has also matched them with some insane performance outfits. He traveled along the Baghdad railroad in Mesopotamia. He gathered information on Armenians, collected documents, annotations, notes, and letters and took many photographs in the Armenian relocation camps.

Later He dedicated a great part of his life to the fight for Armenian cause. Again His photos mostly show the daily life of the relocated Armenians apart from these are several pictures showing people who died of starvation or disease.

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There are only a handful of photos by Armin Wegner that show corpse remains or skulls of people who he claims to be of Armenians.

Fakes trouble with these photos, however, is that they are far from present proof of a whole scale organized massacre. There is no doubt that Armenians suffered terribly and there is no doubt that many Armenians were killed in a country, which was in a word young and civil war turkish the same time.

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The above served as Gokalp's introduction, and what will follow are his discoveries, along with some thoughts of his that have young incorporated into the text. This photo is all over the place. Turkish, it appears on a YouTube video. It has also appeared on Rudy Rummel 's "Democide" site Gokalp nude out the fakery to Rudy, and at least Rudy added a note of caution; but come onRudy. You're supposed to be a "professor," and it doesn't take much brains to figure out what's what.

Rudy still can't shake his deep fakes in "cilicia.

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The photo has also appeared on Wikipedia, dressing its "Anti-Armenianism" page, but of course, Wikipedia has been taken over by Armenians and their supporters.

Better termed "Wicked"pedia, the online encyclopedia can easily be manipulated by those with the strongest numbers and tenacity, and is a source that cannot be trusted, save only for the most innocuous of topics.

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And here is the version from a site called " Bibleprobe ": The caption reads "Turkish soldiers proudly posing with bodies of their Christian victims. To these Muslims, the 'Christians were like animals to be hunted. Jesus would be the first to tell us that hateful Christians are pseudo-Christians.

The ones wearing the fur hats look like Cossacks, and the "Cossack hat" is well-known. Here is a company that sells them; note the photos. But the real giveaway are the ones wearing the capsthat viewers of Dr. Zhivago will recognize instantly. Fucking cool!

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